Exhibitions @
The Kalkveld Lounge

Wine and art comfortably coexist on the iconic Zandvliet Wine Estate on the outskirts of Ashton where the newly unearthed Muscat tanks now house art exhibitions by various artists. Below the luxurious tasting room, the Kalkveld Lounge, visitors are currently being treated to thought provoking works of surrealist artist Pieter van Tonder, themed ‘Cognitive Dissonance’, alongside artist and sculptor Bradley Flynn

Hanna Naude
(1 November – 30 November)

For both audience and artist, art is (in my personal view) a process, and that process is not about the making or owning of art objects. Art is a language, a medium through which we give and receive, a way of communicating. In my work, I invite the viewers of the paintings to come with me on a journey – a journey to an alternative reality that resembles what is familiar to us. My attempt is to make the familiar better, or more interesting, or at least more inviting, by re-interpreting everyday situations and scenes.

Hanna Naudé is a full time artist and art teacher. She lives in Montagu, having settled in the Little Karoo after some years in the Boland and in Europe. She studied and qualified as a graphic designer.

Surrealist Pieter van Tonder
(1 August – 31 October)

Explore Pieter van Tonder’s art with its emphasis on freedom of the imagination, an exploration of dreams and the subconscious mind and an ‘obsessive attempt to portray these visions as realistically as possible’. Watch as Van Tonder creates his masterpieces right here at Zandvliet. www.pietervantonder.co.za

Bradley Flynn
(1 September – 30 November)

Bradley Flynn, a self-taught artist living in Worcester, uses scrap metal and welding to create his unique sculptures some of which you’ll find on exhibit at Zandvliet. He is inspired by nature, people and the rawness of the recycled metals he uses. According to Bradley he does not like to manipulate the metal too much, he would rather find pieces that “fit” and in that way the sculptures build themselves.