Exhibitions @
The Kalkveld Lounge

Solo Photographic Exhibition
Laresa Perlman

We are opening our brand new exhibition space at the Kalkveld Lounge on 27 May 2017, showcasing thought provoking works of renowned photographer Laresa Perlman.

Explore this new exhibition space daily beneath the Kalkveld Lounge and discover the world of art in all its forms, displaying a selection of masterpieces of one of our dearest friends and favourite photographers, Laresa Perlman. Take your experience to the next level as we pair our world famous wines with art in our exclusive locale in the heart of the Robertson Wine Valley.

Perlman is a photographer who lives and works on a farm called Eden, situated at the foot of the beautiful Langeberg mountains outside Montagu, on Route 62. “I love capturing images that represent life and evoke emotion,” says Perlman.  “I am also the founder of the “CEASE” initiative which stands for: Creating empathy, awareness & solutions through exposure.”

This exhibition holds a unique collection of themes. “Youth & Wisdom” captures the essence of township life in the Klein Karoo, the kindness of children & the wisdom of their elders, while “Time in Nature” captures the beauty one finds when one takes the time to see the world of insects, patterns & textures in nature.  The third theme is “Harvesting” which perfectly captures the harvest time in the Robertson Wine Valley.

The Solo Photographic Exhibition runs at the Kalkveld Lounge daily from 27 May – 31 July 2017.  No bookings are required.

Surrealist Pieter van Tonder
(1 August – 30 September)

Explore Pieter van Tonder’s art with its emphasis on freedom of the imagination, an exploration of dreams and the subconscious mind and an ‘obsessive attempt to portray these visions as realistically as possible’. Watch as Van Tonder creates his masterpieces right here at Zandvliet. www.pietervantonder.co.za

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